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We are a group that was started by an individual to change the world in a positive way! Our mission is to bring people together to make a difference in the world. We believe that if you follow your heart and dreams that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind too. The world is your playground, time here on earth is as long as it is short. Why wait to do something on this earth when you have now! Leave your mark, be the change stop waiting for everyone else and just go out there and do something. You never know what tomorrow holds, so we are here to bring people together to start making real change in the world. We all have the potential within us to change the world in a positive way, today is the day! Why Wait When You Have Now?


Live. Love. Life.

We here at Why Wait When You Have Now, are here to make a difference in a positive way in the world. Our goal is to bring people together. We are going to host events to clean up areas of the world, we are also going to set many other goals to make differences in a positive way throughout the whole world! Why not appreciate the beauty around us? The fact we are even here and alive is a miracle! We are going to make water cleaner, end starvation, stop the hate and war, bring unity to the people, and make a change that the world as a whole has long needed. We know we are going to do it, our lives are dedicated to it, the world is yours dont ever forget that!

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