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Renewable Energy, And How We Could Use Some To Help Change The World!

There are many options and choices in this world. We as people, are decision makers. It is up to you, us as people to decide what is next in this world. If we want to make a safer a healthier and a more suitable and happier planet for all of us, we need to create better and easier to manufacture alternatives for renewable energies and a greater alternative of eliminating greed and money as a whole and by teaching one another how to grow and survive without money or cell phones. Because although cell phones are very helpful for easy and fast communications and for business, they also serve as distractions from what is really going on in this world. As a people we are becoming more distracted from what is real and from what is really not important more and more. The world sees all, and there could potentially be a natural disaster one day, that changes us all. besides that, we all live and die on this earth. We must protect what we have in this world while we still have it. We must use our knowledge of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, and water energy, because the more oil and gas and other contaminants that we put into our earth the sooner we are going to hurt ourselves. Disease and sickness are only spreading throughout the world because of our lack of caring for one another and also not taking care of what is truly important. I believe we can change the world. Who is with me? Let us unite! Let us share! Let us work with one another for change, the world is yours, do you want to see it crumble before your eyes or do you want to be able to do something about it? Why Wait When You Have Now? Today is the day to make a difference, together we can end suffering and global pollution and diversity and solve the many growing issues of the world. Don't ever forget the world is yours so remember to treat it as if it was to!

-Justin Aumand

P.S. If anyone wants to be apart of this movement or help share information that could be valuable to helping end many of the growing issues in the world, message me on here or at my email I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of there day and always remember to keep being yourself and to always follow your heart and dreams!

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